Alessio Fangano started his career as photographer in 2010. Right from the start, still-life were very frequent subjects in his early works, consisting mostly of portrays of the recipes he created for his blog.

With the passing of time, the act of photographing became more intimate, an occasion to express his inner feelings and mental constructs. This way a composition with a peony and a peach becomes a message of prosperity and long-life as well as a pleasing soothing image.

Opposite to the calm of these moments of solitary reflection, everyday life became the subject of his "Movingscapes" photographs. By letting the camera be part of the flow of the action, nonchalantly, without expectations or prefiguration, he is able to capture candid moments of the daily show evolving around us together with its actors. In these images people blend with buildings blend with trees blend with sky, creating chimeric colorful impressions of our environment.

Both forms of artistic expression require time and commitment in their execution, being it at the onset and ideation phase, as for a still-life, or in the culling and editing of many thousands movingscapes images to let the cream rise to the top.